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2014: Disguise


Please register as soon as possible for our upcoming conference, 28-29 November 2014.

Registration is now open at: http://www.ies.sas.ac.uk/IES-Conferences/Marginalisedmainstream2014

Have a look at the provisional programme on our Conference 2014 page, or preview some of the presentations in the Speakers' Guest Posts on our blog.


The Marginalised Mainstream conference 2014 will address disguise in all its forms. From secret identities to theatrical performances, from fictional fabrications to factual concealment, disguises of all sorts are a familiar part of mainstream culture.  This event will explore various manifestations of disguise in popular fiction, media, and culture that have previously been academically marginalised.

The Marginalised Mainstream is an interdisciplinary effort to bring together scholars from all over the world to discuss popular cultures of the past and present. It is a forum for debates on literary, cinematic and artistic genres that shape and are shaped by contemporary cultures, yet which are currently underrepresented in academic circles as a consequence of their marginalised status. We embrace new thinking on questions of taste, the marketplace, the role of the reader, and publishing culture.

The conference is at the forefront of a new academic approach to popular culture, which aims to consider previously neglected works, creators, and forms with both humour and innovative scholarship. Our participants come from a wide variety of arts and humanities disciplines. Their work focuses on a number of themes including, but not limited to:

The changing conceptualisation of canonicity

Genres, subgenres and the process of genre-fication

Queer fictions and alien concepts

‘Low-’, ‘middle-’ and ‘high-brow’ texts

Lesser-known narratives and forgotten classics

Authorial intent

Shame and guilty pleasures

Critical acclaim vs. mass appeal

Cult classics and forgotten classics

Award winners, box-office smashes and bestsellers

Introducing conventional theory to marginalized subjects/texts

Historiographies of gender, race and class.

Please join us! Register for the conference here, or email us for more information.